And all that happens after

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“Nothing can happen more beautiful than death.”
— Walt Whitman

During my freshman year of college, we were asked to pick a topic for a communication project. I chose mine as “Death Is Beautiful.” I remember being laughed at for coming up with something that sounded so unusual. I tried hard to justify the beauty of my title but nobody would understand. Hence, I settled with the conclusion that maybe I didn’t explain well enough.

I still believe that death is beautiful but I’ve made my peace with the fact that not everybody can understand it.

I’ve read quite a…

It could be more about them than you

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My journey of writing didn’t involve leaving jobs to avoid regret later in life. I got done with graduation and it simply came to me alongside the pandemic. For that, I believe that 2020 couldn’t have been any better for me. When I started off writing, I was as excited as a Lil’ kid with a new toy. The simple fact that people were reading the words that I — a 21-year-old wrote, blew my mind. The views, claps, responses — everything was simply too overwhelming.

I remember being so full of beans each time I published an article. I’d…

Talking to a 10-year-old poor kid at a holy city in India

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I’m an extremely empathetic person. The downside to it is that I begin to grieve for anything unfortunate that I see. Stray animals, elderly people, the poor — my heart breaks for it all. And when I realize there’s less in my control, it breaks a little more.

Here in India, family outings often mean visiting temples. And since Indians are religious, holy cities flooded with tourists are a common sight.

We were one of those families too and I hated that. I hated crowded places and people’s mad belief in gods. …

Also dubbed as the “Man of the Hole”

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When we look back and comprehend how far we have come as a human race, it appears utterly remarkable. From hunting and huts to cars and cash, we have certainly conquered a long road. While we know this road is never-ending, let’s take a pause and think of our progenitor brothers. How did they live? How difficult was it? Are we capable of living how they lived?

Well, if you ask me, I don’t think we can pull off that kind of life. But there are some tribes still alive, who have lived all these years in isolation, and are…

From the ruins of Nalanda

Image by The Hindu

The prestigious center of art and learning — Nalanda University was founded by Buddhist monks around 2,500 years ago. The term Nalanda was derived out of three Sanskrit words; Na, Alam, and Da. These put together would mean, “no stopping of the gift of knowledge”, and it won’t be wrong to say that the university did stand up to its title.

Located in Bihar, India, it was renowned all over the world which led not only Buddhists but students from varied cultures of the world to join it. It had several temples, meditation centers, hostels, and not to mention, the…

Arguing is their prime hobby

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Growing up, I, and I believe many others were taught to avoid ‘bad company.’ My parents would say that bad friends work like poison — a drop is enough to infect others.

I’d always advocate for my friends, who in my opinion were not bad, by saying, “If they can make me like themselves, why can I not make them like me?” Claiming that my goodness can also be infectious enough.

Obviously, I was too young to understand but over the years, I’ve been involved in enough friendships to at least say that a bad friend might not make you…

Question and Confession.

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Dear Popu,

I still remember the day uncle brought you home, to me. I loved looking at you all day long. To you hopping, squawking, and passionately eating. Your beautiful green feathers and the roundest ring on your neck — they outshined everything I had ever seen.

Do you remember, how in the mornings you’d be the first one to wake up and I — the last? I still wake up last. But I miss your early morning chirping. To tell you the truth, it did annoy me at times because I’m a cranky granny at dawn. …

A simple, fun-loving boy gets radicalized

Son Rasheed & mother Nicola (Source: Wbur)

It’s one thing to know you have lost your kid to heaven but to lose them to radicalization — is a feeling that cannot be framed in words.

This is the story of Nicola Benyahia, mother of Rasheed Benyahia, a 19-year-old boy from Birmingham who joined ISIS and never returned.

Before 1996, when Rasheed was born, Nicola always wished to have a son. She was already a mother to 4 daughters by then, so giving birth to Rasheed was truly the most precious moment in her life.

Growing up, Rasheed seemed to be as normal as any other boy and…

The ‘silent treatment’ is only as good as your ego makes it sound.

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I read somewhere that technically “all friendships are temporary” as sooner or later we catch hold of a grudge or get caught up in life and lose touch. I disagree.

This is not to say that all friendships last a lifetime but each friendship does have its time.

In these friendships that die, we do not put an effort that equals the ones we put in our romantic relationships. If you’ve ever lost a friend that way, you’d realize it hurts as much as it would hurt to lose a romantic partner. Sometimes, even more.

TIME says friendship breakups hurt…

Here’s how I experienced what’s wrong with it

Image by Aleš Kartal from Pixabay

In the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Benjamin says,

“It’s a funny thing about comin’ home. Looks the same, smells the same, feels the same. You’ll realize what’s changed is you.”

Back in 2016 when I first watched this movie, I thought I knew what the dialogue meant but in actuality— I hadn’t the faintest idea about it.

I was a 12th grader who had spent almost the entirety of her life (16 years) living in the same town. …

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