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(Photo by Charu Chaturvedi on Unsplash)

During my freshman year of college, we were asked to pick a topic for a communication project. I chose mine as “Death Is Beautiful.” I remember being laughed at for coming up with something that sounded so unusual. I tried hard to justify the beauty of my title but nobody would understand. Hence, I settled with the conclusion that maybe I didn’t explain well enough.

I still believe that death is beautiful but I’ve made my peace with the fact that not everybody can understand it.

I’ve read quite a…

Ancient emotions

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The Epic of Gilgamesh by Archeology

Millions of years have gone by with each generation telling its tales to the next one. The world being a blank slate, each tale brought with it, a new concept raising varied beliefs for individuals. All that we are today is an accumulation of these years. We’re lucky enough to have the resources to store the history that we create but in the case of the ancient world, reciting and singing poetic compositions was the way stories were told. People were, in fact, employed for this, partly to remember oral history, geology, and law.

The earliest recognized poems came from…

I realized things I never even thought would be a problem

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Photo by Muhammad Rizwan on Unsplash

As a kid, I used to fancy being an adult. I still remember feeling mad at my parents for making me do as they say. Like any other kid, I used to think to myself “The day I’ll start earning, I’ll do things as I wish”. The idea of not being answerable to anybody was so pleasing. But little did I know of life.

Now that school and college are both over, it feels like walking on quicksand. Wherever you step, you feel a pull-down. You also don’t know which way is the right one or if you’d even find…

Three people killed in a single operation

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Image by All That’s Interesting

Before there was Anesthesia, surgeries were a complete nightmare. If you had an injury that required surgical treatment, you’d find yourself held down on a table, screaming your guts out as the surgeon would operate on you. That’s quite a lot of pain to feel. Likely, you’d want the surgery to be over as quickly as possible. So the best option would be to get a surgeon who operates amazingly fast.

Fastest knife in the West end

Why most of them are curable?

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

For someone who lives quite a peaceful life, I get a lot of dreams. Every two or three days. But dreams are not the problem. I like having dreams, they keep me entertained. The real problem here is the kind of dreams I have. Mostly weird and strange.

A random dream I have can be anywhere between finding myself switching random places to witnessing people die recurrently. Literally anything! Though there is one pattern that I have grown observant of. Most of them have some element from the day I spent. This part of the dream makes sense because it’s…

The dead are treated as a part of the family and kept at home for several weeks

Disclaimer — This story contains images that could be disturbing to watch.

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Image of a wooden effigy by Travel Badger

The more you learn about death, the more mysterious it gets. Some of us look at it with grief and some with irrevocable acceptance. But what does it really have to mean for a person to just come and go like this — we might never know.

In about every culture, death holds a distinct voice. But the most distinct, I’d say, is how the Torajan people of Indonesia look at it. …

It’s as good as anything can be

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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

I’ve honestly lost count of how many times my shyness has made people think that I’m a boring person or that I have an attitude. I don’t blame them. How are they to know until I speak anyway? People can’t skip judging, be it good or bad. And when you speak the least, you give them fewer things to judge you for. So obviously, their last resort would be to make assumptions.

Often, even for me, it’s envious to see how the extroverts go about talking with everybody. Their absence is physically felt at events. Makes me wonder — Don’t…

King Tutankhamun‘s treasure, body, and more

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Images: Harry Burton, Colorized: Dynamichrome (left), CNN Travel (upper right), and Discover Magazine (lower right)

Its been year after year that humankind has been discovering the treasures of the past, all of which have helped us make sense of many things, including ourselves. But isn’t it fascinating to think about the parts of the past that remain undiscovered?

King Tutankhamun's tomb managed to stay hidden for almost 3000 years, and out of 7 billion people alive, plus all the dead — nobody came across it!

King Tut ruled Egypt as a Pharaoh for 10 years and died at the age of 18. Being a King at10 made him the youngest pharaoh to have ever ruled…

It could be more about them than you

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Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash

My journey of writing didn’t involve leaving jobs to avoid regret later in life. I got done with graduation and it simply came to me alongside the pandemic. For that, I believe that 2020 couldn’t have been any better for me. When I started off writing, I was as excited as a Lil’ kid with a new toy. The simple fact that people were reading the words that I — a 21-year-old wrote, blew my mind. The views, claps, responses — everything was simply too overwhelming.

I remember being so full of beans each time I published an article. I’d…

Also dubbed as the “Man of the Hole”

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(Images by Survival International)

When we look back and comprehend how far we have come as a human race, it appears utterly remarkable. From hunting and huts to cars and cash, we have certainly conquered a long road. While we know this road is never-ending, let’s take a pause and think of our progenitor brothers. How did they live? How difficult was it? Are we capable of living how they lived?

Well, if you ask me, I don’t think we can pull off that kind of life. But there are some tribes still alive, who have lived all these years in isolation, and are…

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