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“Nothing can happen more beautiful than death.”
— Walt Whitman

During my freshman year of college, we were asked to pick a topic for a communication project. I chose mine as “Death Is Beautiful.” I remember being laughed at for coming up with something that sounded so unusual. I tried hard to justify the beauty of my title but nobody would understand. Hence, I settled with the conclusion that maybe I didn’t explain well enough.

I still believe that death is beautiful but I’ve made my peace with the fact that not everybody can understand it.

I’ve read quite a…

It could be more about them than you

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My journey of writing didn’t involve leaving jobs to avoid regret later in life. I got done with graduation and it simply came to me alongside the pandemic. For that, I believe that 2020 couldn’t have been any better for me. When I started off writing, I was as excited as a Lil’ kid with a new toy. The simple fact that people were reading the words that I — a 21-year-old wrote, blew my mind. The views, claps, responses — everything was simply too overwhelming.

I remember being so full of beans each time I published an article. I’d…

Ancient emotions

The Epic of Gilgamesh by Archeology

Millions of years have gone by with each generation telling its tales to the next one. The world being a blank slate, each tale brought with it, a new concept raising varied beliefs for individuals. All that we are today is an accumulation of these years. We’re lucky enough to have the resources to store the history that we create but in the case of the ancient world, reciting and singing poetic compositions was the way stories were told. People were, in fact, employed for this, partly to remember oral history, geology, and law.

The earliest recognized poems came from…

1 of these 6 reasons could be it

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It’s interesting how our understanding of working from home has evolved. Earlier it was thought that only the self-employed should work from home. Since the office-goers didn’t have that, it sounded quite dreamy to them.

But now that we’re all a recipient of it (most of us), we’ve realized that many (myself included) are just not cut out for it. Some of us just can’t work alone sitting amidst four closed walls and stare at a screen without socializing all day.

When I did it, I realized how it impacted my productivity and how I was underachieving for so long…

Beginning a career online

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Change is the only constant in life.

I hate this phrase.

I graduated a year ago around this time and given how things are, you can guess what a dull graduation that must have been. But that wasn’t my concern, to begin with. I would happily be someone who gets to stay at home and do their thing.

It was two changes coming together yielding a massive explosion of change that created a problem for me. One, I was on the brink of starting my life after college, and two, the world was learning to live under a plague.


Skillful rats of the sky


It’s way too cool how we can effortlessly send messages today. It just takes a tap. A few decades ago, that idea might have sounded downright crazy. But now that I look back and imagine pigeons delivering messages, that’s a tad bit crazy too.

It’s all because pigeons, especially “homing” pigeons have a great sense of direction. They cannot exactly memorize or find out a path (that’s only for us humans) but they have an innate ability to always fly back home. …

Talking to a 10-year-old poor kid at a holy city in India

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I’m an extremely empathetic person. The downside to it is that I begin to grieve for anything unfortunate that I see. Stray animals, elderly people, the poor — my heart breaks for it all. And when I realize there’s less in my control, it breaks a little more.

Here in India, family outings often mean visiting temples. And since Indians are religious, holy cities flooded with tourists are a common sight.

We were one of those families too and I hated that. I hated crowded places and people’s mad belief in gods. …

Tap into the power of time to heal

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The fairy-tale ‘waiting forever’ for a lost lover is a hoax. At least in my case it is. There’s no way I can imagine putting my life on hold just to have someone come back so I can resume at the same place I paused at.

Nu-uh. Not happening.

I experienced the hollowness that a guy left in me when he left me. It wasn’t easy, it never is. And from where I was standing, my thoughts were far from that of moving on.

Things ended quite bluntly so all that was on my mind were just questions. That’s a…

We have become a slave to looks, wants, and pleasure.

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To look around is a sad sight. Although I like that we’ve made the-once impossible things into our (now) daily needs, I really can’t stop imagining what we have left behind. The phones, electricity, internet, entertainment, and just about anything we do or have is for ourselves. But what did we really have before we started making things for our greedy selves?

Countries of dense culture often fear that westernization will eat up what they’ve preserved for long years. …

How excessively sweaty hands make life impossible

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I have always been a sweat monster. I just didn’t realize I was one until I turned old enough to start socializing and making new friends.

I have the sweatiest palms, soles, and face and they make every task impossible. Activities like going for an interview, meeting a friend, a lover, writing on paper, cooking, cleaning, gripping a pen — the tiniest things make me miserable.

I’m always worried about the other side:
What will the interviewer think? Will my friends or lover think I’m gross? What if I soak the paper with my dripping sweat?

While the list is…

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